December 28, 2006

Dog Training Tips

There is a lot of help online for training your dog. One such site that you can get free tips from is for the e-book Sit Stay Fetch. This e-book teaches you how to train your dog. The e-book itself is not free, however you can sign up for a newsletter from the author of the book, the newsletter includes a free 6 day mini course on training, and is free. The site for Sit Stay Fetch includes many tips in itself, such as what words to use when talking to your dog, and what not to use. Also how dogs understand what we say to them.
There is a lot of free information online on training your dog, the information page for Sit Stay Fetch is definately full of a lot of it, but other online resources that are free include: Dr. P's Dog Training, and 101 Dog Training Tips. Both of these sites have free tips about dog training.
Other great resources for training your dogs are books sold on this is a very popular book site, and if you spend $25 or more you get free shipping.

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