December 29, 2006

Have someone search for you

There is a new search engine called Cha Cha. It is a really great site that you go to and have a guide help you find what you are looking for, this is actually a person somewhere out there who is going through different search engines, links, sites, maybe their favorites, or other online searching techniques and finding exactly what you are looking for. No more having to sift through the results yourself, just tell your guide just what it is you need to find and they will do it for you.
Here are a couple of articles on it:
Go ahead and try it out, but remember it is new, so there are still a few clitches, and guides are still training, so you might get transferred to another more suitable guide for your search. Either way come back and visit it a while later to see if it is better and can give you what you need, more time to enjoy online cause you have less time searching.

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