December 29, 2006

Saving Money

The one thing about being a homemaker is there is only one income, which means you have to make the most of it. Over the past few years I have learned a few things about shopping, groceries, bills, saving money, and being as frugal as possible. When it comes to shopping I do a lot of it online, because there are great sites, like bizrate that will find and compare prices for the merchandise you are wanting to buy. I also search the internet for coupon codes (keycode is great for this- however not the only one). Another tip for shopping online is if you know you can deal with it being used, ebay, yahoo auction, live deal and ioffer are great places to check for the item. I try to find the cheapest price possible. I like to make my dollars stretch as far as I can, because that is more I have to spend elsewhere, imagine that a homemaker with a shopping problem, lol! Anyways for the groceries, I shop at BJ's for toilet paper and things like that, things that will last a long time, and I only have to do it a couple of times a year. But a great site I ran across once is called the grocery game. The author of the site tells you exactly how to use your coupons from the Sunday paper, when to save them for later, and how to make the most of rebates also. It is very informative and helpful if available in your area. For frugality, I have found an awesome site for information on keeping and saving your money. It is called allthingsfrugal. There are many other sites about saving money, but this one is one of my favorites so far. Another though is thefrugallife. If you have any other sites that help you track and save your money, please contact me to let me know.

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